The Introverted Manager

If you’re a manager or supervisor who is an introvert or an introverted extrovert, and you feel snappy, drained, or exhausted, then it’s probably time to nurture your introverted self.

As an introvert, when your work, your family responsibilities, or your community responsibilities – or all of the above – require you to be engaged with people for the majority of your day, it’s critical that you get some time alone to recharge your batteries.

If you find yourself thinking “Why are they bugging me?” or “Why is everybody after me?” when people try to engage or interact with you, then it’s time to implement a practice that Beth (who’s an introvert, too!) relies on.

Watch this video for a self-care practice especially for introverted managers, and how Beth (who’s an introvert, too!) makes it work for her.

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Beth Wonson