Are You Meeting This Year’s Challenges with Last Year’s Tools?

We are well into the new year, but are you approaching challenges and obstacles in the same old way? If your team or organization has new goals for this year, you might need new tools and methods to get where you want to go. Check out this Bit of Beth from our video archive to learn what I did when I found myself using an old bridge to cross a new moat.

Are You Using an Old Bridge to Cross a New Moat?

Today, I was faced with a business challenge. It wasn’t different from problems I’ve solved in the past, but my business has changed; it’s grown, expanded, and developed, as have the goals of the organization. When faced with this challenge, I realized that I keep trying to use the familiar tools that have served me in the past to get to places I have not gone before.

It felt like I was trying to cross a moat to a brand new castle, but instead of using a new bridge, I was using the same old one, and that old bridge wasn’t going to carry all we are today. So what did I do? Listen in to find out...

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Beth Wonson