Let Go Of The ROCK! - A New Look at the Dynamics of Self-Management

Using her own life lessons and those of her clients as examples, Beth Wonson, identifies everyday ROCKS that hold people back from experiencing peak performance and the ultimate joy in all areas of their life.

Let Go of the Rock! Autographed Copy
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Personal Growth

An Everyday Guide to Joy & Abundance: A New Approach to Living with Ease

Beth Wonson and Dr. Mary Kay Stenger, two highly accomplished professionals, have teamed together to write an extraordinary book that tells the story of Beth's personal story of healing and transformation.The book consists of a narrative that alternates between the two women's voices. With openness and candor, Beth tells a portion of her story and Dr. Stenger offers commentary accompanied by a number of exercises used during her sessions with Beth. This is a rare duet performed expertly by two radiant, fully empowered human beings.