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Supervision and development of individuals is the number one complaint we hear from managers.

Ready to Spend Less Energy Managing Staff and Projects?

August 14-16, 2019

Coaching & Communications Skills For Managers Workshop


A manager coaching their staff

Are you a Manager with Authentic Coaching Skills?

Do any of these quotes sound familiar?

Why does my team behave like children?

Why do they ask the same question over and over every week?

I’m so sick of holding people accountable.

Coaching Transforms Team Relationships

Learning how to move easily between manager responsibilities and authentic coaching will make developing and holding people accountable less draining.

Management and training programs often fail to teach authentic coaching

When we ask a group of managers, “Who uses coaching as a tool to build staff competency?”, everyone raises their hands. We wish they were correct. Although they believe they are using authentic coaching methods, they soon learn that the methods they consider to be coaching are really something else.


Without Coaching Training, Managers Waste Valuable Time And Energy

Many people are under the false impression that coaching is something that comes “naturally” and doesn’t require skill development or formal training. Even people with a natural propensity to be a good coach need training to build that talent into a valuable skill. Without training, managers are often doing the problem-solving and project management that their staff could be doing. Managers often report they are exhausted from staff asking repeat questions instead of seeking solutions on their own.


Coaching is a valuable tool for your management toolbox

Coaching is a unique collaboration in which both partners are equal, and the focus is on desired change. Coaching is a tool to increase accountability, skillfulness, and proactive problem-solving in your team. The ultimate goal of coaching is action toward change. In fact, it is not possible to coach a team member who does not desire change. 

This is an Intensive Workshop to Quickly Develop Your Skills

Regardless of whether you’re a new or experienced manager, you believe that there has to be a better way to get the best out of your team. We provide a way to get those skills fast and highly effectively in an interactive experience with fellow managers.

Project managers and staff managers all benefit with coaching skills

What Our Clients Say

John Sweet


“[This work] really helped me better understand how to manage up and manage out more than I knew. I understand how my personality best interacts with my supervisor much more. I have also been able to adjust to better interact with peers. One of the things I really, really appreciate was projecting the power better - I am much better at working at the right level and not being pulled down.”

Becky Gra


“It blew my mind how complicated we make things and how simple it really can be when we just strip everything away and get down to the facts. EVERYONE needs this. Every manager, leader, parent, teacher, coach, counselor, etc... basically, anyone who communicates with others needs to take [Navigating Challenging Dialogue].”


Todd Simendinger

“[Navigating Challenging Dialogue] teaches skills and processes that are transferable across virtually any occupation and environment, and are the difference between effective leaders and transformational leaders by addressing critical communication and leadership flaws commonly found in leadership.”


What Participants Can Expect

This is a 3-day intensive, hands-on, and confidential workshop facilitated by Beth Wonson and Sasha Mobley.

  • Introduction to the foundational components of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®.

  • Explanation and hands-on practice of proven tools and strategies for improving personal accountability, self-awareness, and communication. Experience improved collaboration and clarity of communication.

  • Explanation and hands-on development of effective coaching and management skills and your coaching framework.

  • Development of your personal coaching toolkit.

  • Experiential activities working with your real-life scenarios to better learn the tools and strategies in a meaningful way, discussing concerns and challenges, and heading-off imminent problems.

  • Individualized support and spot-coaching for personalized implementation and next steps.

  • Exploration of each attendee’s DiSC profile, and how understanding these patterns of behavior can be leveraged for the good of the whole.

I want you to know I have enjoyed your sessions very much and appreciate what you do. I always go into your sessions a little nervous and come out totally enjoying them. No one really likes to be pushed or pinned into a uncomfortable position within ourselves. But it has made me think and I believe a better manager. You have made me think and rethink things and I see things differently.
— Rhonda Porter, Farm Supply, Store Manager

Whether You’re Managing Projects Or People

Coaching skills are critical, and businesses are eager to hire managers with these skills.


Workshop Components

  • The comprehensive Coaching & Communication Skills Manual.

  • Worksheets and materials you need to effectively practice these skills, plus to coach your team.

  • Hands-on activities and interactive assignments.

  • 3-months enrollment in the private online Workshop Resource Center where you can download the course worksheets, and forms. Includes a private Discussion Area moderated by Navigating Challenging Dialogue facilitators.

  • You’re invited to the CCS Follow-up Webinar. This is a 1-hour online event that takes place within 60 days of the workshop close. This is your chance, having taken your skills into your workplace, to discuss your progress, ask questions, and refine your workshop experience with Beth Wonson.

  • New weekly content through our leadership podcast, blog, and video series. 

  • Membership in the Navigating Challenging Dialogue online community where you can dive deeper into this work, connect with other participants, and learn new skills.

  • Credentials for your résumé and personnel file.

Participant Takeaways

  • Know when to pick coaching as the appropriate management tool.

  • Able to give and receive feedback with more clarity and consistency.

  • Able to develop staff through coaching.

  • Able to motivate and engage others to achieve measurable improvement.

  • Support others in learning to develop their own solutions.

  • See improvement in management skills, effective communication, and self-awareness.

Workshop Logistics

  • The dates are in August 14-16 2019 in San Luis Obispo, CA.

  • Event Location: Apple Farm Inn; 2015 Monterey Street , San Luis Obispo , CA 93401

  • Each day runs from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, with two 15-minute breaks, and a 45-minute lunch.

  • Lunch and refreshments are included.

  • Participants must agree to actively participate and engage with integrity, respect, timeliness, honesty, kindness, and confidentiality.

  • Price per person: $2,780

Beth Wonson & Company is committed to bringing this methodology to more community-based nonprofit organizations. In that spirit, if finances are a barrier to full participation, and you’re affiliated with a nonprofit organization, check out our scholarship opportunities