Miscommunication and wasting of resources are the number one complaints we hear from leadership. Do any of these quotes sound familiar?

Why are projects continually sidelined by unhealthy conflict, drama, and chaos?

Why are we unable to execute consistently on our strategic plan?

I’m so sick of holding teams accountable.

Even those who invest in leadership training programs, who develop their skills, and have relevant experience, can still be frustrated by poor communication and unhealthy conflict in the organization.

Historically classes and trainings on leadership leave out one vital piece - the energy and emotion between humans and its impact on the workplace. It is a little bit shocking considering this is the place where leaders tend to run into the most trouble.

This workshop is the missing piece.

Fast Track Filling in The Leadership Gap

In this 4-day intensive, hands-on workshop, you’ll develop an entirely new perspective and easeful approach to leading, connecting, and managing the interpersonal dynamics of humans.

The Navigating Challenging Dialogue Difference

  1. With the current high velocity of change in our world and within our organizations, the need to have effective, tough conversations is more important now than ever before. Navigating Challenging Dialogue gives you the precise strategies.

  2. It’s critical that organizations use their resources in the best possible way. Everybody on the team must be able to operate in their Zone of Strength, and Navigating Challenging Dialogue helps you leverage that resource.

  3. People must be skilled at, mentored in, and have opportunities to practice engaging in tough conversations, even when the dialogue is emotionally difficult. This workshop involves hands-on practice and spot-coaching working on your real-life challenges so you get personalized tools and strategies.

  4. Making a commitment to healthy communication is easy. The tools, strategies, and self-awareness created through Navigating Challenging Dialogue make change sustainable.

The course teaches skills and processes that are transferable across virtually any occupation and environment, and are the difference between effective leaders and transformational leaders by addressing critical communication and leadership flaws commonly found in leadership. I loved that Beth provided a safe space for learning, but was relentless in pushing people outside their comfort zones during the process. We all felt uncomfortable being challenged on certain issues, but that’s where the greatest growth occurred. The balance of activities vs. discussion was effective in providing practical application of skills and theory.
— Todd Simendinger, Rockport Elementary

This is an Intensive Workshop to Quickly Replace Extended Effort

Regardless of whether you’re new to the table or have experience in leadership, you believe that there has to be a better way to achieve the goals of your organization right now. We provide a way to get those skills fast and effectively in an interactive, personal experience with fellow leaders.

Our most successful clients take this workshop when they’re ready to:

  • stop allowing emotions to derail hard conversations.

  • be relieved of the burden of managing others, which is leading to burn out, anger, and resentment.

  • stop trying to “make” other people behave better (do the right thing).

  • eliminate conflict, lift their staff up, and lead the organization for the good of the whole.

  • take on the leadership persona they want to convey and get out of their limiting stories to be balanced and calm. .

To get the most out of this workshop, The depth and intensity of the workshop exercises will demand Your complete attention.

I am my biggest road-block to success. I had so much self-realization occur this week - it was so enlightening. I need to get out of my head and utilize and trust the process so that I can move forward in all areas of my life (professional, personal, and spiritual). It blew my mind how complicated we make things and how simple it really can be when we just strip everything away and get down to the facts. EVERYONE needs this. Every manager, leader, parent, teacher, coach, counselor, etc... basically, anyone who communicates with others needs to take this workshop.
— Becky Gray, must! Charities

What Participants Can Expect

Requirements Of Each Participant

  • Agree to actively participate and engage with integrity, respect, timeliness, honesty, kindness, and confidentiality.

  • Complete an Everything DiSC online assessment which we’ll provide to you via email.

  • Submit at least one real-life leadership challenge you are currently facing, to be used in the exercises.

  • Complete the Assessment and Feedback forms.

Participant Takeaways

  • Able to model the skills learned.

  • Able to give and receive feedback with more clarity and consistency.

  • Know how to determine the best path forward to resolving leadership challenges and miscommunication.

  • Able to make progress towards the good of the whole organization through healthy conflict and communication.

  • Able to motivate and engage others to achieve measurable improvement.

  • See improvement in leadership skills, effective communication, and self-awareness.

  • Get improved organizational performance by using the tools of Navigating Challenging Dialogue.


This is a 4-day intensive, hands-on, and confidential workshop facilitated by Beth Wonson and Sasha Mobley. Seats are limited for an intimate workshop experience.

  • Introduction to the foundational components of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®.

  • Explanation and hands-on practice of proven tools and strategies for improving personal accountability, self-awareness, and communication. Experience improved collaboration and clarity of communication.

  • Explanation and hands-on development of effective communication and leaderships skills.

  • Development of your personal leadership toolkit.

  • Experiential activities working with your real-life scenarios to better learn the tools and strategies in a meaningful way, discussing concerns and challenges, and heading-off imminent problems.

  • Individualized support and spot-coaching for personalized implementation and next steps.

  • Exploration of each attendee’s DiSC profile, and how understanding these patterns of behavior can be leveraged for the good of the whole.

Due to the authenticity and vulnerability required for sustainable change and growth, as well as the intensity of this workshop, we limit the number of participants for each session.


Workshop Components

  • The comprehensive Leadership & Communication Skills Manual.

  • Worksheets and materials you need to effectively use these skills, plus to mentor and coach your team.

  • 6-months enrollment in the Implementation Program.  This entitles you to two 30-minute implementation calls with a Master Facilitator within six months of the workshop. These calls are for helping you address roadblocks, questions, or strategies as you implement the tools you learned in class.

  • 3-months enrollment in the private online Workshop Resource Center where you can download the course worksheets, and forms. Includes a private Discussion Area moderated by Navigating Challenging Dialogue facilitators.

  • New weekly content through our leadership podcast, blog, and video series. 

  • Plus you can join us in the Navigating Challenging Dialogue online community where you can dive deeper into this work, connect with other participants, and learn new skills. 

  • Credentials for your résumé and personnel file.

  • Eligibility to apply to become a Master Facilitator.


Workshop Logistics

This workshop is intended specifically for leaders and executives. Space is limited.

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Refund Policy

The following cancellation fees apply for cancellation of registrations received in writing via email to When your cancellation is confirmed, you will receive an email with your Personal Confirmation Code required for processing the refund.

Cancellation Fees

  • 60 days prior to the scheduled start date: 90% of your registration fee will be refunded.
  • 45 days prior to the scheduled start date: 50% of your registration fee will be refunded.
  • 30 days prior to the scheduled start date: no refund of monies paid.

In some cases, when written notice is received at least 10 days before the scheduled date, you may be able to transfer your registration to another workshop date. However, the client will be responsible for non-refundable expenses including, but not limited to, meals and materials.

Note: the above cancellation policy also applies to confirmed but unpaid registrations.

Beth Wonson & Company is committed to bringing this methodology to more community-based nonprofit organizations. In that spirit, if finances are a barrier to full participation, and you’re affiliated with a nonprofit organization, check out our scholarship opportunities