Managers and Executives Excel with Leadership Coaching

With leadership coaching you get immediate, targeted help to resolve the obstacles you’re facing today. Effective leadership is a skill developed over time and through collaboration. Investing in your skills pays off big time for both your company and yourself.

Professionals Transitioning Into Leadership

As a leadership coach, Beth Wonson works with professionals who have been promoted into leadership positions in recognition of their skills and value. They often have little training in or experience with managing people and teams, resulting in frustration and overwhelm. Beth Wonson’s direct approach quickly addresses the critical issues and systemic road blocks undermining leadership confidence and success.

Confidential Coaching For Leaders And Executives

Working with a leadership coach, you will have a confidential partner with whom to work out tough decisions, gain skills in effective messaging, and gain insight into thinking errors that hold you back. With this coaching, you’ll establish meaningful tools for best leading your team through necessary change to serve the needs of your organization. Private coaching provides a confidential forum to address the challenges you face as a leader including:

  • Management of team members and staff

  • Collaboration and team dynamics

  • Accountability, feedback, and reporting

Through honest and direct feedback, Beth Wonson will help reveal the truth of your current thinking, enabling you to develop an actionable strategy for success.  You’ll establish meaningful tools for best leading your team and serving the needs of your organization.  

Transforming Leadership Through Better Communication

Beth Wonson serves nationwide as a speaker, leadership coach, and management consultant to organizations of all sizes, facilitating effective leadership and orchestrating organizational excellence. Beth Wonson is the founder of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, a communication skills and leadership certification program. 

Sasha Mobley is a leadership coach and facilitator certified in Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, Gallup StrengthsFinder™, and Meyers Briggs Type Indicator™ working with clients to help them recognize, accept, and develop their innate talents into strengths.

All of your coaching with Beth Wonson & Company is 100% confidential. Our coaching sessions and customized solutions are intended to serve you and your unique working style and needs. 

Leadership Coaches

Leadership Coaches Beth Wonson and Sasha Mobley

Leadership Coaches Beth Wonson and Sasha Mobley

I am very thankful for the opportunity to work with Beth. I took detailed notes on every conversation, tried to implement her recommendations and read the emails. She really helped me find my footing as a leader - my team and me have both benefited tremendously because of it. She’s putting me in a better position to create the work environment I have always dreamed of.
— John Sweet, Network Section Engineer