Getting Started with Slack

Hello! If you're on this page, you should already have an email invitation to join the Beth Wonson & Company Slack. Slack is used to hold real-time, private conversations with only those invited into this space by Beth Wonson & Company. The primary topic is Navigating Challenging Dialogue® and how to use these skills.

Our Workspace URL is:

The “welcome” email you receive will look something like this:


Step 1: Click [Join Now] in the Invitation

Step 2: Define a Password

You'll be taken to a web page where you will create a password. It looks like this:


Step 3: Review & Accept the Terms of Service

You'll be taken to a web page displaying the Terms of Service. It looks like this:


Step 4: Explore or Skip the Tutorial

You'll now be inside of Slack, where you can choose to "Explore Slack" or "Skip the Tutorial". It looks like this:


Step 5: Engage with Us in Slack

To participate in the Mastermind conversation, click "mastermind" on the left-hand side. You can read what's currently being said, and use the Text Box at the bottom of the window to contribute. You can also click one specific person's name to send them a Direct Message.


Click image for larger version


Step 6: Set up your profile

Filling out your Slack profile helps other members learn more about you. We’ll already have the basics from when you created your account, but some workspaces may have included some additional custom profile fields.

Jump to the Edit your profile article on the Help Center for detailed instructions. (Don’t forget to add a profile photo!) 😬

Step 7: Download Slack's desktop and mobile apps

You can sign in and use Slack from a web browser on your desktop at any time (just go to But by downloading our desktop and mobile apps, you can stay signed in to multiple workspaces, have more control over notifications, and stay in sync even when you’re on the move.

For download instructions, click the link for the apps that are right for you.