Develop Management Soft Skills

Regardless of whether you’re a new or experienced manager, you believe that there has to be a better way to get the best out of your team. We provide a way to get those skills fast and highly effectively in an interactive experience with fellow leaders.

Our most successful clients take this workshop when they’re ready to:

  • engage in sustainable skills for managing others, to avoid burn out, anger, and resentment.

  • foster a culture that is proactive and solutions-based.

  • eliminate conflict, lift their staff up, and lead the organization for the good of the whole.

  • coach their staff to be motivated and engaged, achieving measurable improvement.

  • stop allowing emotions to derail hard conversations.

  • develop a management persona that engages with curiosity, fosters collaboration, builds competency.

Implementation Options

  • Onsite Training: We can conduct a live, facilitator-led workshop for your managers or management teams.

What Participants Can Expect

  • Explanation and hands-on practice of the foundational components of Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, and development of new, effective coaching and management skills.

  • Experiential activities working with your real-life scenarios to better learn the tools and strategies in a meaningful way, discussing concerns and challenges, and heading-off imminent problems.

  • Individualized support and spot-coaching for implementation and next steps.

  • Exploration of each team member’s DiSC profile, and how understanding these patterns of behavior can be leveraged for the good of the whole.

Requirements Of Each Participant

  • Agree to actively participate and engage with integrity, respect, timeliness, honesty, kindness, and confidentiality.

  • Submit, anonymously, at least one real-life scenario to be used in the exercises.

  • Complete the Feedback forms.

Participant Takeaways

  • Able to model the skills learned

  • Able to give and receive feedback with more clarity and consistency.

  • Able to develop staff through coaching.

  • Able to motivate and engage staff to achieve measurable improvement.

  • Support staff to develop their own solutions.

  • See improvement in management skills, effective communication, and self-awareness.

  • Get improved performance from the team by using the tools of Navigating Challenging Dialogue.


Workshop Components

  • The comprehensive Coaching & Communication Skills Manual.

  • Worksheets and materials you need to effectively practice these skills, plus to coach your team.

  • Hands-on activities and interactive assignments.

  • 3-months enrollment in the private online Workshop Resource Center where you can download the course worksheets, and forms. Includes a private Discussion Area moderated by Navigating Challenging Dialogue facilitators.

  • New weekly content through our leadership podcast, blog, and video series. 

  • Plus you can join us in the Navigating Challenging Dialogue online community where you can dive deeper into this work, connect with other participants, and learn new skills.

  • Credentials for your résumé and personnel file.

For Onsite Training

Open Enrollment

Beth Wonson came to us in a time where as a non profit we needed to evaluate ourselves and our direction as we took another step of growth and change. She is a professional who quickly understood our issues and dynamics. She is skillful with facilitation, evaluation, and team building. Beth Wonson helped us work through challenges at a critical moment in an effective way such that we are on a better path to meet our mission. I was utterly skeptical at the beginning and by the end I was entirely grateful.
— Andrew DeFranza, Executive Director, Harbor Light Community Partners

Beth Wonson & Company is committed to bringing this methodology to more community-based nonprofit organizations. In that spirit, if finances are a barrier to full participation, and you’re affiliated with a nonprofit organization, check out our scholarship opportunities