A little pre workshop fun on the way up River

We stopped at a feeding station. I got my first experience in rain forest! I also learned that the reason they supplement the orangutans food is because the palm oil industry is taking over so much of the land, there is not enough food for them growing naturally. Also the gold mining process is polluting the river. It just feels like it is impossible for humans to understand the impact we make. The majority of the orangutans you will see in my photos have spent sometime at Dr Birute Galdikas rehabilitation center. She, Jane Goddall and Dian Fossi are considered Dr Leakey's angels for dedicating their lives to this work. Loesje Jacob, who is the founder of Linking Awareness (the workshop I took) is now with Dr Galdikas teaching her staff the Linking Awareness methods and working with orangutans at the center. If that isn't validation, not sure what is.






After our time with the amazing animals we headed to the Rimba Ecolodges. It is a series of traditional looking Indonesian structures on the river's edge. Julia Roberts stayed here once. Toilets, showers, low impact air conditioning and fans are in each room. They warn you not to leave doors open or bags unattended because the proboscis monkeys will be waiting to snatch everything! They are cute to us and like seagulls to the native people (I assume).







I was the participant with the least experience in energetic work. This was an amazing group. I have lots of new areas to explore. My roommate, Seiko, is an amazing healer, Body Talker and interior designer from Tokyo. She is very advanced student of multiple healing modalities. Each night before we went to sleep, Seiko would teach me about Matrix Energetics and other healing modalities she studies. We had some great fun! I am thankful to her.


My roomie, Seiko.