Arriving in Jakarta. Jan 30

On Wednesday, Jan 30, I traveled from Hong Kong to Jakarta. This was the overnight spot before flying to Borneo to begin applying and practicing the skills learned in the Linking Awareness class in Hong Kong. Jakarta was a tough place for me energetically. The culture and poverty in Jakarta has a significant role in feeding the sex trade industry. I didn't need to be told this. I could feel it in my bones, heart and soul. And it made me ache for the people there, young and old, who are impacted by this. One of the awarenesses from the Linking Awareness work however is that we are all living out our destiny and karmic agreements we bring to this life time. So, if that is true, this life time is the choosing of the person living it. And my pity, sadness, etc is my own stuff.

Does that concept bring me comfort? Yes, a little. But it still makes me want to get the hell out of Jakata ASAP.

As I was scouring the Internet to find out the "must see's" in Jakarta, I found a comment that said "the best attraction in Jakarta is your departure gate at the airport." I'm sorry to the people of Jakarta because I know I didn't give you a fair shot. I know I rushed to judgement based on a visceral reaction. And if my own history is any indicator, likely Jakarta, we will meet again. Oy vey.







The departure gate. Best site yet.