Being A Little More Badass

I’m going to let you in on a secret: I’ve decided that my business is going to grow and spread in ways that my thinking mind can’t comprehend or even imagine.

Why? Because people keep telling me how Navigating Challenging Dialogue® is changing their lives and workplaces.

Frankly, sometimes the idea of this accelerated level of growth scares the heck out of me and makes me want to recede back onto my little ledge of safety. But people are so excited to finally experience positive transformation, that I get fueled by their excitement to keep on sharing these tools.

Creating big change is about faith and surrender and being a bit of a badass.

Navigating Challenging Dialogue®

Navigating Challenging Dialogue®


My 8 Ways To Be A Little More Badass

When I’m teaching and coaching, I can see the connections in their experience. My clients are tackling challenges and obstacles that I’ve faced myself – as many of us have to some degree.

To keep me moving forward towards my mission of transformative growth, I’m sharing the 8 lessons I am putting into practice for myself:

1. Don’t stop just because you don’t know.

The next moment is an unknown. With every experience, every journey, and every choice, I have no ability to know the outcome – but that’s no reason to stop. In fact, the not-knowing is all the more reason to approach every decision we make with gusto – like a badass.

2. Make a decision, then make it work.

Sometimes, the next move takes every ounce of heart and faith that we have. It’s vital to make a decision and then do the necessary work, even when it’s tough. Staying comfortable may feel better for now, but it isn’t going to get me where I want to go next.

3. What you want isn’t always going to be what you get.

At the end of a long and uphill slog, I want a “prize” for my effort, whether that’s fried chicken, to go home, or to spread Navigating Challenging Dialogue worldwide. The secret to success is to envision what success looks like and move towards it, but to also accept that the journey may result in something different – or even more amazing – than what the thinking mind originally conjured up.

4. Trust the help that shows up.

When I’m struggling, and help appears, sometimes I feel resistant or disappointed because it doesn’t look like what I imagined. Being a badass sometimes requires receiving help and trusting it – just as it is.

5. Pick the positive.

Whether I put positive thoughts or negative thoughts into a situation is my choice, and as I get to make that choice, I’m going to pick the positive. Think about it: Picking positive makes so much more sense, and it takes about the same amount of energy.

6. Stop painting the future with doom and gloom.

What if, instead of predicting negative outcomes for every effort, we actually stay mindful of how perseverance and bravery have been leading to success for generations? Imagine what kinds of difference that could make in the world. Let’s stop painting a future with doom and gloom as a result of helplessness, and instead believe our actions can change things.

7. Live without finding blame or harboring anger.

Imagine if we could communicate with others without invoking blame or anger. Instead, let’s teach and model clean and clear communication based on facts, and stop finding blame or living in anger.

8. Prioritize taking good care of yourself.

It’s essential to make time to walk, to be present, to notice nature, to swim, to play, and to take care of myself in a healthy way, instead of constantly working, trying to get stuff done. In fact, no matter what journey you’re on, a cared-for physical body, spiritual essence, and mental state are going to be your best friends; they won’t take anything away from getting things done.

Your Turn…

How are you being fearless in your own journey? What challenges are you ready to face head-on? And how – through your actions, through your shifts in energy and perception – can you honor yourself and be just a little more badass?

I’d love to hear from you!


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Beth Wonson