Cool new resource for facilitators, trainers and coaches...

Project Adventure, a world leader in training experiential based facilitators, is launching a new resource-filled site. There are two levels of participation. Registered users have access to videos, activities and more. In a few weeks, a subscription level will be launched where PA's library of activity and facilitation books will be available for free to search and read on line. I had the opportunity yesterday to get a personal tour of the site and talk with the developers (Matt Morin, Greg Clarke and Beth Norris). I have to say, I was highly impressed. Especially talking about the vision of how this site makes significant amounts of intellectual property accessible. Trainers, facilitators and others will be able to search and download activities and videos for use while training. Affiliate members and partners are also lining up to contribute material and books for access.

This level of on-line content is a dream come true for Executive Director, Dick Prouty. And seeing first hand how he empowered this group to set goals, take risks, brain storm and move past perceived limitations is the true manifestation of the work PA is known for world wide!

You can register for free now at and in a few weeks you can, if you wish, upgrade to a subscription registration. PA is planning a discounted rate for students and an institutional rate for organizations!

If you are an author, facilitator or have intellectual property you'd like to get out into the world, contact them today to see how to partner. Great opportunity!

Contact: Norris, Beth Director of Development (978) 524-4643;