Creating Space

I happy to announce that I am officially transitioning from full-time Executive Director at Central Coast Literacy Council to a consulting position. I made this recommendation to our forward thinking board of directors after a year of hard work, innovation, fundraising, partnership building and grant writing. Like any 30 year old non-profit, when I came to CCLC the organization was at the point where it had to take a long hard look at their mission (was it still meaningful and relevant?), evaluate the sustainability of long-term funders (not too many foundations funding core work these days), create a donor strategy and build some partnerships within the community for on-going support.

Also, when I was hired the board of directors proudly told me, "We don't fundraise." To which I thought, "not yet you don't."

Well, I am happy to say that we (the board and I) have worked hard on all of these topics this year and we've made great strides and accomplishments. And some of the most resistant board members have signed on to chair the fundraising committee! Happily!

We also received two significant new grants to fund our innovative new program "Work Place Literacy" which is a partnership with businesses to provide English literacy classes at the work site. Driscoll's (yup, the berry people) signed on as our first and strongest partner. And were quickly followed by other businesses.

In November it began to be clear to me that CCLC was in good shape. And that space could be created to bring on an emerging leader to step into the Executive Director position. Someone representative of the community who brings skills and experience...and with coaching could become the ED of a great community based non-profit. And what better way to expand fulfillment of our mission ..."Empowering adults through English literacy." Today we posted the position of Deputy Executive Director.

So, space has been made for a someone to have the opportunity I've had. And for me to ease the transition by staying on as a consultant to coach and mentor the new hire through Jan. 2014.

And space has been made for me to do the work that feeds my soul and I believe contributes to the greater good. And most importantly, to continue to stretch, learn and grow myself. I love my consulting and coaching practice and am thankful for my own going clients ( High 5 Adventure Learning , Skillastics, Crawford Collaborative Consulting and all my individual coaching and leadership development clients. And of course all those pesky yet rewarding grant writing contracts!

So for me, creating space is such important work. I can't wait to see how it fills in!

Thank you to the Board of Directors of CCLC for giving me an opportunity to serve!