Flora and fauna in the rain forest

I was expecting the rain forest to have more color and exotic flowers. It was quite green and I found that I had to look really closely to pick out the bits of color. I found the green to be quite calming and very healing. Having it all look the same, at first glance anyway, helped me to be really present. It was overstimulating in an underwhelming way (if that makes any sense). Because of the redundant nature of the plants, particularly along the river ways, I was really able to settle into myself. Also because of the uniqueness and absolute peace of the jungle, I didn't feel "homesick" at all. There was nothing to remind me or trigger me. I believe that I experienced the most significant calmness and downtime for my brain that I've ever felt.

Strongest wood known.

Shocking colors were all around but you had to look close. This little guy was the size of a button.

best not to touch!

Ferns, ferns and more ferns

Our guides said, "If there is fruit hanging on the trees, it can't be eaten. If it could, the animals would have already gotten it."

This is a home to thousands of ants.



lot's of fungi