"I want to spend my life working with people I enjoy"

Bart Crawford, founder/CEO of Crawford Collaborative Consulting, said these words as he was creating his company, an organization comprised of highly skilled, like minded consultants. This evening while speaking regarding the first CCC Consultants retreat, Bart said, "I'm bringing this group together because during my career, these people have lifted me up, they challenged me to stretch, we laughed together and we learned together. And I want them to all have the opportunity to meet each other and collaborate on amazing, unimaginable projects. Just as I've had with each of them".

This is the first official gathering of a small group of the CCC consultants. These are professionals from all walks of life and all corners of industry including facilitators, non profit directors, school administrators, financial coaches, human resource professionals, equine professionals and community organizers. The retreat is being held at John Mueller's, Riverview Retreat in Exeter, NH. Consultants are attending from MA, NH, ME, PA, NJ, NY, CT and CA.

"Those involved in this first retreat represent just a sliver of the people Bart is bringing together to do amazing work in service of the greater good", says Beth Wonson, co-organizer of the event. "Bart and I have been friends and colleagues since 1998. We've worked together on many projects across the United States, Canada and around the world. This group is for any consultant who believes that what is created when we show up as our authentic selves, share our unique skills and talents and are open to learning about each others strengths, is what is most needed in the world today."

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Learn more about Crawford Collaborative Consulting, the work being done and to read mini-bio's on the consultants involved, go to www.crawfordcollaborativeconsulting.com.