Interview with Todd Simendinger - Leaders in Conversation

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This week is a special episode of Dynamics of Leadership. This is the first interview in our Leaders in Conversation series. 

Todd Simindinger joins Beth Wonson to talk about how he’s using the tools of Navigating Challenging Dialogue® each day, both at home and in his work as principal of Rockport Elementary. 

Todd describes how his day is made up of about 90% emotionally challenging dialogues. And due to the pace of school culture, each dialogue is typically constrained to less than 10-minutes.  For Todd, one of the biggest benefits of the Leadership & Communication Skills workshop are the tools he learned to keep tough conversations efficient and focused while supporting his teachers and staff in being seen and heard. 

According to Todd, our leadership workshop leveled up his self-awareness and self-leadership, and his ability to manage his own energy — and these are tools that he didn’t find in any professional development training.

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