Measuring by the scale of their dreams!

GrapeVine1 Last year I heard some upsetting news through the grapevine. I had written a grant for a small non-profit (annual budget of less than $100k). The grant review committee was comprised of local business leaders. I was shocked when I heard through the grapevine that one of the businessmen on the committee stated he didn't want the group to fund the application because our overhead was too high! This was especially shocking because the organization serves 500 people per year with 1.5 staff, donated office space, donated utilities and internet, and $136,000 annually in services provided by volunteers. I'm not sure how he measures overhead but his fixation and miscommunication can have a big impact on organizations that are working hard.

Today I came across this Ted talk by Dan Pallotta. Dan re-inspired me and challenged my thinking. If he does the same for you, please share it far and wide! And with all those businessmen like the one who nearly sunk our application last year (thankfully, wiser minds prevailed).

As Dan says so eloquently, it is time to stop asking about overhead and ask about the scale of a non-profits dreams.