My Dream

My dream was to own a home whose energy created a nurturing place where friends and family felt so comfortable they were in no hurry to leave. And when people look around they say "This place is you Beth." Having my first two guests here for 5 nights, I got some great feedback that provides evidence that my dream is reality. And my reality is all I dreamt. Leslie and Susan showed up in my life through Koelle Simpson Equus Coaches program. From Texas and Pennsylvania respectively, we never met or spoke prior to their arrival. I took a risk and put out the word that if any of the dozen coaches coming wanted to stay at my home versus a hotel, they could. I had room for two. These two amazing women said yes first.

It was meant to be. I feel like I've known them always. For the past 5 days and nights we have laughed, shared, held space for each others hopes and dreams. We have been surrogates of fearlessness and sisters in confidence.

I've shared my love of the Central Coast and they've indulged me...all the way up to and including loving the Madonna Inn.

Today Leslie returned to Texas and her husband and family. I am honored that they understand and honor Leslie's desire to travel and learn because that means I get to have time with her. Tomorrow sweet Susan heads off. I know that our paths have come together because there is work to be done together.

My life and my home are better because of the energy they brought and left. I feel deeply known. I can't wait for July. Thank you for the gift of your presence! Xoxooxoxox