My next adventure - Equus Coaching

I haven't even finished posting my Hong Kong/Borneo Linking Awareness adventures and it is time to get started planning for my Equus Coaching Practitioner Certification program! Tonight I listen to the "get ready" call with Koelle Simpson. Koelle is the founder of Koelle, Inc. and one of the most respected horse coaches around. How did I get here? Well, last summer I received a phone call from Koelle asking about using Eric Wagner Training Center for a coaching program that she was providing in collaboration with Martha Beck . At the time we set up the use of the ranch and the horses I hadn't had time to look up and learn anything about these women. When I returned from vacation, I decided to check them out and as they say, my socks were blown off! Talk about leaders and trendsetters in the field of coaching and transformational change.

On the day they brought their clients to the ranch, I was able to watch the whole process. And I was hooked. I witnessed people experience deep personal insights, release of unproductive thinking patterns and set goals for their personal and professional growth and development. All through the honest and authentic mirror provided by the horse.

So, in a few weeks I will joining approximately 12 prospective Equus Coaches from across the United States at the North Star Ranch outside of Arroyo Grande for the first 4 day session. I'm also excited to have two of my new classmates (and soon to be friends) staying at my house and traveling back and forth togethers.

I'm so excited to be learning and pursuing all these new tools. I can't wait to begin employing them in my work helping people move past perceived boundaries and become empowered to change the trajectory of their life!

Fun stuff!