Nothing has any meaning EXCEPT the meaning I choose to give it.


This is a new learning for me and it has been such an empowering, freeing lesson.

Just think about it, "Nothing has any meaning except the meaning I choose to give it." A great many "things" happen around me, to me, in relation to others, in relation to myself. And I alone get to create and assign meaning to each event. I can create my own story.

I create a story about the meaning of the attitude of the grocery store clerk and how it relates to me. I create a story about the look my co-worker gives me on the way into the office. Or why a new acquaintance didn't wave across the room. Or why I was passed over for a new contract or job. Or why I got the job. I can create and attach all kinds of stories and meaning to each of those things.

Or I can remind myself that "Nothing has any meaning...except the meaning I choose to attach to it" and then make my own decision about the energy, story and meaning I choose to manifest. And most empowering, I can just stop trying to create stories and assign meaning and experience "what is" in this very moment.

Where in your life, your work, your relationships would it be empowering and freeing to stop creating stories and assigning meaning ..and live in this moment?