Problem Solving Simplified...

Imagine how much simpler problem solving can be when you experience the problem for exactly what is in this moment. To do this, quiet and let go of the thoughts of regrets and feelings of shame that maybe associated with what you perceive to be past mistakes (or weaknesses) around your problem solving or decision making skills. And dismiss fearful thoughts about future, unrealized consequences (what if's). Accept all these thoughts for what they are: stories. Stories that bring no added value in this moment.

There are several ways to become present. Here's one suggestion. You can come to the present moment by closing your eyes, breathing deeply and using your senses to become aware of the noises, sounds, smells and sensations you are experiencing now. Don't fight thoughts but instead let thoughts pass through as if on a conveyer belt. Or a baggage claim at the airport. Letting them go by without picking up. Frequently it isn't your baggage anyway.

Once you feel present and have let go of the chaotic noise, baggage and emotion of theses old stories and future fears, you can simply and confidently solve the puzzle with the appropriate solution for this present moment.

Care for this present moment. It is the only way to create the future.