Seeking change in others?

When I do my first assessment with a new client, they typically tell me all the things about others that they wish would change. They are hopeful my work will focus on fixing "them".

The most powerful thing, and in fact the only thing, you can do to manifest change in someone else is to change your own behavior, attitude or belief. For that is all we truly have control over. And when make a subtle change in ourselves, it has a significant impact on those around us. Mirror2

Consider for a moment your most challenging team member or co-worker. Now look in the mirror and see if the behavior that most pushes your buttons somehow shows up inside of you. Consider a small change you can begin practicing and modeling daily to remedy that behavior within yourself.

For the negative, pot stirrer, you can walk away from office gossip or even be brave enough to stop it.

For the hyper critical person, begin giving small, meaningful compliments to colleagues.

For the stressed out, frazzled co-worker, start taking a 5 minute break to stretch, breath and re-charge mid day.

Which ever you choose, practice with your only intention or goal to become better yourself.

In about 15 business days take notice of the person you were most hoping I was there to change. You may be surprised by the result!