Sick and tired of hearing your staff is sick and tired?

Do you get tired of hearing about how tired your team members are? When I am asked to evaluate the culture and climate of a work place, emotional exhaustion is one of the patterns I look for. When I ask, "How are you?", I hear "I'm exhausted", "I'm so tired", "I'm drained".  These responses, when shared almost automatically by a majority of team members, are an indicator that the work environment that is low on trust and high in fear.

Why? It is a neurological fact that when we operate in an emotionally unsafe environment, we are unable to operate in our peak performance zone, we are emotionally fatigued and feel exhausted.

vector lady asleep at desk

Can it be remedied? Yes. Most leaders are unaware they are creating environments void of trust and emotionally safety. And of all the leaders I've worked with, 100% not only were shocked to learn that they were unintentionally creating this but every one became eager to unlearn the behavior and communication patterns that cause it.


If you are hearing a lot of "I'm so tired", "I'm exhausted", "It is so draining working here", let's do a free strategy call and discover what's happening and create a plan to easily turn it around.


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