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Missing Facts: What Everyone Else Knows That You Don’t

Sometimes emotions can run a little high during a team development workshop, with some emotional hotspots getting triggered. Luckily, Beth and her training team develop their skills and experience so they can hold a safe emotional space for just those moments.

But anyone can be caught by surprise! Listen in to hear about the time there was something going on that everyone else in the room knew about that Beth didn’t, and she made an assumption that had her completely off base.

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Leadership Presence: How to Get There from Here

If you desire a seat at the leadership table, yet your energy and body language contradict what you see in your role models, it’s time to get your body used to a new carriage and emote a presence they recognize as leadership.

This is not a fake-it-until-you-make-it or dress-for-the-part activity. This is a subtle preparation to shift into your authentic leadership presence.

Listen in for an experiment to try and stories from some of my leadership coaching clients – and see if you recognize yourself.

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Tally Ho!

I have been a horse lover and a horseback rider for years, and I use horses in my leadership work. I also partner with them to provide coaching to people. I just love the energy of horses, and I think what I love the most about them are their integrity, honesty, and commitment to their own self-care.

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