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What Workarounds Have You Created?

Have you created a workaround to accommodate a performance problem with an employee or team member? If you have, you’re costing your organization time and money, and you’ve probably planted the seeds for office drama and morale issues.

Workarounds create more problems than they solve, so why do we invent and implement them?

Listen in or read on to learn why we create these workarounds, how they affect everyone involved, and how your organization’s or team’s leadership holds the keys to a productive solution.

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How to Foster Hope When Things Aren’t Trending Toward Positive

A key learning from Navigating Challenging Dialogue® is issues like staff burnout, drama, conflict, high turnover, and low morale are symptoms signaling a deeper issue.

What’s underneath hopelessness is the basic human desire to feel our efforts are trending toward a positive outcome. Yet the important work of wrangling with long-term societal problems can feel overwhelmingly negative.

Read on (or listen in) for two radically different approaches to helping individuals and the collective in your organization find a path to hope…

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