Traveling to Pangkalan Bun and departing from the Port of Kumai to head to Rimba Ecolodges

Jan 31 I meet the rest of the amazing group at the Jakarta airport to fly to Pangkalan Bun on the island of Borneo. Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world following Greenland and Madagascar. Borneo's extraordinary rainforests are being destroyed by palm oil plantations. I have new commitment to minimize with a goal of eliminating my consumption of palm oil. It will be a challenge because it is in everything from shampoo to potato chips. Upon arrival at the airport we were packed into five taxis and driven to the port of Kumai where two river boats and a cadre of guides and cooks awaited us. They where lead by Fardi and Hakim, our trusted and knowledgable guides. They are two young men who understand the jungle, the river and clearly love the orangutans.

Once we exit these taxis, riverboats will be our transportation for the next 5 days. We will spend over 50 hours on these boats. As I sit in Hong Kong airport reflecting and writing, I still feel the sway of the boat every time I close my eyes.