Trusting and Saying Yes..

In early February of 2013 I drove to the San Luis Obispo airport to pick up a woman I had never met and never spoken to on the phone. She was arriving for the 2013 Equus Practitioners training program at North Star Ranch. Based on a gut feeling that something amazing was to happen, I offered my two spare bedrooms to anyone in the training who felt inspired to stay with me instead of a hotel. Susan Ferino said "yes".

She flew in from Philadelphia at 8:45 at night. We were only 10 minutes from the airport when we both knew that we had a deep connection and that we would be working on projects together in the future. Neither of us had any idea how, when, where or what they would look like. We just simply knew that our future was already manifested and we only had to say "yes" to it.


Today, only four short months later, Susan and I are meeting in New Hampshire to begin our first project. When I called her only a month ago to ask if she would consider making the drive from Philadelphia to New Hampshire to be together with a group of people I barely knew to do work collaboratively on something yet to be revealed, she didn't even let me finish the "ask" before saying "ABSOLUTELY".

Tonight we will share the concept of Equus Coaching with a group of more than 20 consultants from around the world. And tomorrow we will co-facilitate, learn and play with two of the leading Equine Counseling experts in the country (Pam McPhee, Director of the Brown Center at University of NH and Paul Smith, who created and teaches the post-graduate Equine Counseling program at Prescott University).

Martha Beck says (and I paraphrase) that we don't have to work to manifest the things we want, we only have to say yes to and fall in love with what is already created.

Today I have gratitude and deep love for my dear friend and collaborator on this journey... Susan!