Unimaginable Outcomes

Yesterday I took a walk through an amazingly beautiful pasture filled with mama mares and their tiny, shaky-legged foals. The herd was not only close to the trail, but some were standing in it

20130329-075439.jpg I walked around the pairs making certain to give space and keep my eyes soft and non predatory. As I got to the other side of the herd, I paused to just breathe and take in the amazing scene. A man and woman came along and we all stood in wordlessness.

After a few moments the woman whispered "Oh my gosh. Behind you!" And I felt tiny breathing on my back. I slowly peeked out of the corner of my eye and this little guy was nuzzling up to me.

20130329-080034.jpg. He was so quiet and gentle, I could easily have never known he was there.

I first did a check on mama. I have great respect for the protective mama instinct as I have it within me as well. Mama had one eye and one ear on her son but she still had her head in the buttercups, munching away. That told me she didn't think her little guy was in danger.

My energy, which now had subtly changed from completely free of agenda to awareness of him, sent him away...but only a step or two. We peacefully and silently checked each other out.


I resumed my walk and left the herd reflecting on how things are happening all around us...all the time. And sometimes to experience the most amazing moment within an amazing moment, we must soften our focus so we can see widen and deepen our field of vision.


I'm reading, listening, coaching and being coached in this vein of "being present and open". Martha BeckMartha Beck said recently that it isn't about manifesting things but about falling in love with what is meant to be. In this particular time in our world, I'm meeting more and more people who have stopped working so hard to manifest success and are achieving success and bliss by instead being present and open.

Had I been laser focused on manifesting a connection with a foal, my energy may have blocked or created a barrier and I would not have had this experience. Instead as I stood in gratitude for the beauty and access to the herd, the most magical and unimaginable experience came forward.

My learning here and what I shall transfer to other parts of my life is to be fully present in gratitude for what is and to let go of focus on specific outcome so I am open to more amazing and unimaginable outcomes.

Thank you my little teacher!