Welcome to my adventures

This week I'm going out into the world in a big, scary, exciting, new way. I'm traveling off the continent of North America for the first time. My passport, which has been full of promise for so long, will finally receive her first stamp! I will be embarking on a 3 week journey to Hong Kong and Borneo with a brief stop in Jakarta! All of this is happening because three days before Christmas I participated on a SKYPE call with my colleague and brother from another mother, Bart Crawford and a woman he worked with in Canada, Loesje Jacob. Loesje (pronounced loo-sha) is founder of Linking Awareness and an expert in Body Talk, a healing modality.

During our 90 minute "get to know you call", Loesje invited me to attend two trainings as her guest. Little did I understand they were in Hong Kong and Borneo and only a little more than 30 days away.

With support and encouragement from Bart, my family and Mary Kay Stenger (who helped me change my life), I am leaving on a jet plane! And you my dear friends and community, are invited to come along with me via my blog.

I hope to share with you the sights and learnings. You can anticipate reading about pink dolphins and orangutans. Cities and rain forests. Planes, taxis and river boats.


Stay tuned.


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