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About Beth Wonson, Founder and CEO

Beth Wonson created  Navigating Challenging Dialogue®, out of her personal process of examining the ways in which traditional leadership skills fail the mission and goals of organizations. For the past two decades she’s studied how leaders working in isolation and staff working in competitive silos adversely affect the prosperity and growth of the whole.

Through her study of brain-based research, she recognized how emotions, stories, thinking errors, and fears impact our ability to create positive work environments. As a result, Beth uncovered a new approach to helping humans thrive in the workplace with a collaborative team chemistry.

Beth captivates audiences with the story of her own leadership crisis, the ensuing drama and chaos, and her journey to her understanding of how it could all be different. Beth’s mission is to empower others to reduce the burden, stress, and drama of the work world. When asked why she chooses to focus on the workplace, Beth said simply, “Because that’s where humans are for the majority of their time.”

Working with Beth Wonson, clients have a confidential partner with profound understanding of the challenges leaders faces. Through training and coaching, leadership clients develop meaningful tools to best navigate necessary growth and change while serving the good of the whole organization. Plus, they learn how to stop wasting valuable resources through unnecessary drama, miscommunication, unhealthy conflict, and chaos.

In addition to facilitating Navigating Challenging Dialogue® workshops, Beth Wonson is also a speaker, leadership coach and consultant, and author. Check out her workshops, leadership videos, books, and Dynamics of Leadership podcast.

Navigating Challenging Dialogue®

In our interactive workshops, you'll tackle the root of communication problems and learn how to stop wasting valuable resources through unnecessary drama, miscommunication, unhealthy conflict, and chaos.

Our most successful clients take our workshops when they’re ready to:

  • stop allowing emotions to derail hard conversations.

  • transform how their organization is managed.

  • eliminating burn out, anger, and resentment.

  • shift from a culture of top-down control to accountability at all levels

  • lift their staff up and lead the organization for the good of the whole.

  • foster cohesive organizational values that lead to sustainable collaboration and success.


Join Beth Wonson for her podcast, Dynamics of Leadership, as she shares advice and insight to help you empower your uniquely valuable strengths and skills. An effective and engaging resource for any employee, leader or community member.

Little Bit of Beth Video Series

Join Beth Wonson as she uncovers the practices and thinking strategies for being an effective leader and communicator. New videos every other week.



Let Go Of The Rock! is a fun read that will bring you a whole new perspective on the everyday ROCKS that hold you back, decrease your joy, and inhibit peak performance. [Buy Now]


Beth Wonson and Dr. Mary Kay Stenger, two highly accomplished professionals, have teamed together to write an extraordinary book that tells the story of Beth’s personal story of healing and transformation.The book consists of a narrative that alternates between the two women’s voices. With openness and candor, Beth tells a portion of her story and Dr. Stenger offers commentary accompanied by a number of exercises used during her sessions with Beth. This is a rare duet performed expertly by two radiant, fully empowered human beings. [Buy Now]