Leadership Spot-Coaching in San Luis Obispo, CA

Beth will be in SLO County on Wednesday, May 9, 2018  and is available for on-site spot coaching sessions. 

Do you have:

  • A challenge that is holding you back?
  • A tough conversation you aren’t sure how to approach?
  • A new idea you want to implement?

Spot-coaching is a fast-moving combination of powerful questions, consultative input, direct feedback, and empowerment. Each session is a private one-on-one with Beth.

This is your chance to confidentially tackle a new idea, problem or challenge in your business, career, or life.

Together we will create steps to move from stuck to solutions.

Signup now for your in-person session. When booking your appointment, you will specify the meeting location, then receive a confirmation email.

You can talk about change or actually get on the road to change. You can talk about leadership or actually take action with leadership.

Beth helps you get your s*#t done.

A few years ago she gave me the gift of time, attention, and feedback. It was enormously helpful. And yes, I felt uncomfortable, accountable and empowered. And then i got some s*%t done.
— Sara Moginot


Please contact us so we may best assist you: support@bethwonson.com