Exploring Difficult Issues

I was asked to work with a leadership team to facilitate the creation of a strategic plan. The Executive Director was convinced that high staff turnover, employee morale and conflict between leaders could be resolved if they finally got a strategic plan in place.

I encouraged the Executive Director to start with a Navigating Challenging Dialogue® Skills Training before we embarked on the strategic planning. After all if we put all the effort in creating a strategic plan that people didn’t feel comfortable enough to discuss, disagree and negotiate over, then we’d be creating a plan that may never be fully implemented.

As the team learned skills about self-management, speaking their truth with empathy, sticking to the facts, decreasing assumptions and asking clarifying questions, they were able to wrestle with many of the long unspoken resentments or frustrations. They realized that these had been impacting their ability to give and receive trust, which in turn resulted in the current problems with turnover and morale.  

Equipped with better understanding and skills, the team is now ready to begin creating a strategic plan while also maintaining focus on the good of the whole. They can execute a process where every contributor speaks their truth and where underlying road blocks or challenges can be brought out into the light of day and resolved together.

What road blocks are impeding your team's progress? Is it time to introduce new skills to help them resolve challenges effectively and strengthen morale? If so, register today for one of our upcoming workshops or email support@bethwonson.com to bring this training to your site

Lisa Howard