Innovative Way

I’m so thankful for the skills Beth has taught me. The Navigating Challenging Dialogue® 6-Step Process for engaging in emotionally tough conversations has given me a framework to prepare myself to communicate with others – especially when I’m feeling anxious or uncertain. One of the most important outcomes of the 6-Step Process is that in some cases I’ve discovered that whatever it is I’m so eager to discuss with someone doesn’t actually even need to be addressed by me. Sometimes it is my perspective that actually can shift and that makes all the difference.

When I got back from the workshop I continued to use the worksheets until I realized one day that the Navigating Challenging Dialogue approach has become second nature. I’ve even started using the approach with my teenage daughter and son.

Communication at home and at work has become more natural, more effective and my personal and professional relationships are better. Thanks Navigating Challenging Dialogue!

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Lisa Howard